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ir. Pascal Meyers

Managing Director Gfi Benelux

Pascal Meyers (1969) graduated as civil engineer in applied computer science (1993) and holds an additional degree in economics (1994). He studied Cum Laude at the KU Leuven and the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications (ENST – Paris).

After starting his career as consultant and software architect at the French start-up Nat Systems in the field of object-oriented programming and Client/Server 4GLs for customers such as ING, Ernst&Young and Toyota Motors Europe, he became country manager for Cognicase that aquired Nat Systems in 1999. After the withdrawal of Cognicase from Europe, he accompanied the company to join the Adelior group, who later – after organic growth and acquisitions of Gfi Benelux (2006), EMD (2006), Computacenter Application Services (2010) and ARES Luxembourg (2011) – became the current Gfi Benelux.

As part of the Gfi Informatique management committee and as managing director of the legal entities, he holds responsibility for the activities in the Benelux region. He reports to the CEO of Gfi Informatique.

Bruno Hannon

Financial Director Gfi Benelux

Bruno Hannon (1969) holds a master degree in applied economics (1991) as well as an additional university degree in tax and audit (1992). He studied Cum Laude at the KU Leuven and the Vlerick Management School (Gent).

He started his career as auditor at PriceWaterhouseCoopers and later on joined Asea Brown Boveri as Financial Controller before joining EMD in 1998 as financial manager. In 2001 he realised a turn-around of that company after having acquired it via a management buy-out. As recognised niche market player, EMD decided to join the Gfi group to realise a promising industrial project in the Benelux of organic and external growth. As financial director and board member of the Benelux legal entities, he was responsible for the integration of the different entities and focuses on smooth internal operations and financial performance of the activities.

ir. Noel Beckers

BU Manager Application Services & Industrialisation (ASI)

Noel Beckers (1967) graduated in 1991 as Civil Engineer in Computer Science at the KU Leuven.

He started his career as software developer at Nat Systems, an editor of client-server development tools. He evolved to software architect, with as specialisations middleware, integration and software configuration management, and worked as a consultant for companies such as Dexia, ING, SNS Bank, NCR and Le Forem. In 1999, he became responsible for the Professional Services division at Cognicase, who had acquired Nat Systems, and helped transforming the company from software sales to a service oriented company. He remained active as software architect as well as project manager, and led the integration projects at Neckermann MailOrder to transform this company from catalog oriented towards full e-commerce. During the evolution from Cognicase and Adelior towards the present Gfi Benelux, he was responsible for delivery and operations.

Today, his focus is on the industrialisation of software development by using project methodologies (Agile, Scrum, V-Model) and processes (Continuous Integration), and within his division applications targeting Client/Server, web and mobile devices are constructed, by local teams and near-shore software factories.
From 2011 on, he is responsible for the Business Unit Application Services and Industrialisation within Gfi Belgium, and is member of the management committee of Gfi Benelux.

Johan Vandebergh

Sourcing, Application Services Manager Luxemburg

Johan Vandebergh (1958) is a commercial engineer (1982) and also has a master in applied economic sciences – Finance & Accountancy (1980). He studied at the Hasselt University.

The professional red thread in his career, that is approaching 30 years now, is that he has always worked for French ICT groups, initially as a software engineer and office automation consultant for Sems. Then he was employed by the ICT supplier Bull for about 15 years. Starting as a technical consultant he soon became a methodological consultant and project manager. In these roles he was always very actively involved in presales and business development activities for IT services commercialised by the then renamed Bull Integris. In 1998 he was approached by Gfi Benelux to take up a role as project manager for the Bank Card Company euro conversion project. After 2 years he was appointed as Operations & Quality Director. He stayed in this role within the new Gfi structure resulting from the local merge (2006) of Gfi Benelux, Adelior and EMD.

Since the recent reorganisation of the operational structure of Gfi in business units (2011) he became responsible for the Sourcing &Application Services (G.D. Luxembourg) business unit. The professional development and maintenance of an external sourcing network is one of the major challenges of this business unit.

Frank Vissotsky

BU Manager Infrastructure Services (IS)

Frank Vissotsky (1967) studied Engineering in France (Ecole Centrale Lyon).

He started as an IT consultant for big organisations (France Telecom, INSERM, EDF, …). Moving to Belgium to take responsibility for professional services with various services integrators (Vanstar, Inacom), he joined Computacenter in 2000 to manage the Application Services division for the Benelux. Appointed Technical Director of Computacenter Belgium, responsible for the relationship with the IBM SW Group, manager of internal IT, … he subsequently joined Gfi Benelux in 2010 to take responsibility for the Infrastructure Services Business Unit and the internal IT organisation.

Since then, Frank is developing the Infrastructure Services department by complementing the strong Gfi Benelux offering with the Gfi Group European service portfolio, as well as by establishing new local partnerships in many areas. This approach creates an added value for our customers.

Eric Bernard

Process & Quality Manager

Eric Bernard (1967) has a master in computer science from the faculty of science of the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

He started his career working on information systems for satellite testing based on object-oriented technologies. Eric then redirected his career towards consulting on object-oriented technologies, UML modelling and software development methodologies within Informate International.

Eric joined Cognicase in 2002 as presales engineer with a specific focus on business process management and service oriented architectures. He carried on working for Cognicase through its successive evolutions (including Adelior) and eventually took the lead of the Consulting Services offering of Gfi Benelux. Gfi Benelux Consulting Services helps its clients through their strategic transformation initiatives with a particular attention to enterprise architecture, business-IT alignment and business process management.

As Process & Quality Manager, Eric deploys standards and best practices that aim at increasing the quality of Gfi’s commercial proposals, delivered projects and services (quality assurance). He also plays a role in reviewing the outcomes of those best practices (quality control) and in the incorporation of this operational feedback into continual amelioration initiatives.

Izabella Molnar

Business Unit Manager Insurance Gfi Belux

Izabella Molnar has a degree in both Marketing and Informatics. She began her career in 1985 as a consultant with the Bank J. Van Breda. Later she joined the company Econocom, where a few years later she took charge of their commercial subsidiary in Ghent. Changing careers, she joined CSC as account manager for the large accounts of the Banking & Insurance Practice division, both in Belgium and Luxemburg. During her 13 years at CSC, Izabella successively held different positions within several sectorial divisions.

Before joining Gfi, Izabella Molnar was sales director at BSB – taken over by Vermeg early 2014 – where she was responsible for the successful roll-out of their service offering in different countries.

By appointing the position of Business Unit Manager Insurance, Gfi clearly expresses the will to increase marketing and consulting efforts on their software packages, therefor strengthening the transformation of the company business model towards a business-and-solutions oriented model by way of:

  • The international roll-out of software products;
  • The development of Consulting Integration, Maintenance and Outsourcing/Cloud activities supporting own software products;
  • The continuation of innovation.
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