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Gfi covers all phases of IT solutions lifecycles and focus primarily on large organisations, governmental authorities and regional entities.

Having a local presence in several countries enables Gfi Informatique to act as a proximity partner in all their international initiatives. The group has offices in southern Europe (Spain, Portugal), northern Europe (Belgium, Luxembourg & Switzerland) and Morocco which enables to always find an optimal answer, both from the technical point of view as from the financial point of view (e.g. near-shoring).


















Ivory Coast

Right now, Gfi is already able to realise very large scale IT projects. Gfi Informatique has defined and is putting in place an ambitious development strategy that aims at becoming leader at the European level within the next 3 to 5 years with a turnover targeted at 1 billion euro. This goal will be achieved by further building solid technical and sectorial know-how, by optimising its commercial and industrial structure, by a permanent reinforcement of its local presence and by continuously seeking client satisfaction.

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Gfi Informatique listed on the Euronext Paris Market.

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